In Vitro Fertilization – IVF

What is IVF ?

IVF In vitro fertilization is a boon to those couple who cannot have babies naturally. It is the procedure in which the women eggs are removed vaginally and fertilized with sperms in the lab setup and then transferring the fertilized egg (Embryo) back in to the uterus to achieve pregnancy.

IVF Process

The women is given a course of the required dose of hormonal injections to produce an ideally 10-12 eggs (instead of just one which she produces naturally) Once the follicles starts growing they are monitored till they reach the stage when they could be aspirated ideally 2-3 follicles 20 mm. These oocytes are then retrieved by transvaginal ultrasound under general anaesthesia. Simultaneously, the semen sample is processed to harvest the most active and robust sperm for maximum fertilizing capacity. Once the sperm and the eggs are kept in a dish in the incubator, they are checked after 18 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours and 5 days till they reach the transfer stage. The embryo transfer is then done once again trans vaginally.