Labour Suite

Our labour wards provide multi-speciality care for women who have, or who develop, medical problems during their pregnancy or labour, and for whom birthing in an environment with direct access to obstetricians, anaesthetists(who administer epidurals and general anaesthetic) or neonatologists (specialists in newborn care) is recommended.

For women the birth of their baby is a period filled with anticipation and excitement. For first time mothers it can be a feeling of anxiety and element of the unknown fear about the risks and health issues involved. That is why they need the best of environment and all the possible support to tide over the event with calm and confidence. The Labour Suite is one such facility that helps women feel at home in their life’s most important moments during child birth.

The Labour Suite is an all-inclusive and compact facility with an ambient environment and expert medical care to make your childbirth as easy as possible. The suite is located closer to operation theatre and neonatal intensive care to provide all emergency care for the mother and baby if required. The suite has all modern facilities, expert medical staff at hand and a peaceful environment with its well designed interiors and furniture.

Our Facilities Include

Modern fully equipped birth rooms

Specialised recovery area for women who have had a caesarean section.

Realisable and specially trained staff monitoring you round the clock.

On site access to emergency support.

Access to painless pregnancy services