Medical Gastroenterology

Gastro Sciences is highly specialized service split into gastro intestinal medicine and surgical expertise. We treat the upper digestive tract, stomach, liver, colon, intestinal problems and pancreas. Treatment here is specialized and covers most conditions of the gastro-intestinal tract, helping in early detection and prevention of gastro-intestinal diseases.

Understanding the chronic and evolving nature of digestive disorders prevalent in developing countries, Sri Narayana Medical Center  is at the forefront of diagnosis and treatment of gastro-intestinal diseases through minimally invasive technology. This makes the procedure affordable while ensuring speedy recovery. The patient is closely monitored throughout the process, from early detection, diagnosis and treatment to a better quality of life later.

Gastroenterologists treat conditions such as:

Anaemia – A Condition Where The Haemoglobin The Blood (A Pigment That Carries Oxygen) Is Below Normal Levels.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Eg Crohn’s Disease (Inflammation Of The Lining Of The Digestive System), Ulcerative Colitis (Inflammation And Ulceration Of The Lining Of The Rectum And Colon).

Short Bowel Syndrome.

Jaundice – A Condition Where The Skin Yellows Due To An Accumulation Of Bilirubin The Blood And Tissues

Management Of Alcoholic, Viral Hepatitis (Inflammation Of The Liver Caused By A Virus) And Autoimmune Liver Disorders (Where The Body Attacks Its Own Cells).

Diverticulitis - Inflammation Of The Diverticula (Small Pouches) In The Intestine.