General Medicine

This is one of the largest and most important departments in the hospital. Within the department are sections to deal with internal medicine, infectious diseases, immunisations and general health. The department is manned by senior medical staff with a team of junior medical staff and supporting staff including highly trained nursing staff.

The department’s outpatient facility deals with diseases like continence, upper airways, emergency reviews, chronic fatigue and general health. It also deals with cases of infectious disease, rheumatology, dermatology and immunisation.


The ICU is fully equipped unit with facilities of international standard, both in monitoring and treatment. A specialized team of doctors manage the unit. The ICU is supported by departments with speciality and super-speciality all working in a team spirit .We have a 24 hours functional laboratory providing care to the critically ill in a time bound fashion.

The team believes in working with utmost transparency and communication about the patient health status is done with details .In treatment of terminally ill, the end of life care issues are also dealt with and the management decisions in such cases are taken in consultation with family with the due regards for their hopes and aspiration.