Menstrual Disorders

No two women have cycles that begin and end closely at the same time month after month. Some women have cycles that begin and end regularly around the same time every month with minor inconveniences. There are other wo men who have cycles that fluctuate frequently and causes great concern. Although it is common for women to have different experiences, there are certain sure signs and symptoms which indicate menstrual disorders.

Menstrual disorders occur when woman’s menstrual cycle is irregular and this causes:

Dysmenorrhea – painful cramps

Premenstural Syndrome – PMS

Menorrhagia – an abnormally heavy bleeding

Oligomenorrhea – this is light or infrequent menstruation

Amenorrhea – no bleeding during the menstrual cycle

The clinic provides all facilities for proper counselling, treatment and care of all menstrual problems. Understanding the unique cycle is a wonderful way to monitor and understand the reproductive health.

What are the causes of menstrual disorders?

The causes can be many including issues with ovulation, hormone imbalance, genetic factors, clotting disorders, pelvic diseases, bleeding disorders, medications and contraceptives, weight loss, eating disorders, stress and thyroid problems

Treatment available

There are varied treatment plans available which suits the patient profile. Medications and birth control are certain measures that can help regulate and control symptoms of menstrual disorders. Ablation is another option done as a OP procedure. Hysterectomy a surgical procedure is used to remove the uterus and cervix and further treatment is done under medical supervision and other options are available in consultation with the expert physician.