Urinary Retention

Urinary retention is the inability to completely or partially empty the bladder. The patient may be unable to start urination naturally or if able to start, finds it difficult to empty the bladder fully.

Symptoms of Urinary Retention

Many symptoms can reveal the presence of UTI, including:

Difficulty in starting the urination.

Difficulty in fully emptying the the bladder.

Dribbles or weak stream of urine.

Inability to feel the bladder being full.

Pressure built up in the abdomen.

No urge to urinate.

Waking up more than twice to urinate at night.

Causes for Urinary Retention

There are two types the obstructive and non-obstructive. If there is an obstruction like kidney stone urine does not flow freely through the urinary tract. Non-obstructive caused can include weak bladder muscle and nerve problems. They can also be due to stroke, vaginal childbirth, pelvic injury, due to medication or accidents, injuries or diseases.

What are the treatments?

There are several treatment option including artificial bladder control therapy. The other types of treatments include self catheterisation, behavioural techniques and medications.